Android Collectible Figure

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  • Cute collectible figure of the Google-Android-Mascot in 16 different designs.
  • Which figure you'll get, that is luck of the draw!
  • Fan article under license of Google.
  • Head and arms are movable. 
Android Collectible Figure

So, you’re a strong supporter of Android, and a device from that other manufacturer would never find its way into your mobile phone pocket, right?

Then you should definitely go for the Android Collectible Figure!

The Android Collectible Figure comes with a special design. You'll find an overview in the main picture. There are 16 different figure available, but which one you'll get, that is the luck of the draw!
The figures are packaged in a box and also selaed in an opaque foil, so not even we are able to tell which one will be send to you.

This cute little android robot, trademark and mascot of the second most widely used mobile OS (at least, up till now) can be placed anywhere or even taken with you wherever you go – he'll always make a good impression!

The Android Collectible Figure's arms are movable 360°, with the Android logo engraved on his back (just in case someone doesn’t know!). The head is also movable on its own axis.

The Android Collectible Figure is an original Google fan article and it belongs to a strictly limited series!

Get the Android Collectible Figure and show to all those Apple fans that Android robots are way cooler!

Technical info:
  • Material: plastics
  • Dimensions: 8cm x 7cm x 4cm