Binary Clock

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Binary Clock Short info: - Displays the time in binary mode with LEDs. - The LEDs can be dimmed. - Available in silver with blue LEDs or dark red with red LEDs.


Finally in our store: The legendary binary clock from USA. This clock displays the time with LEDs in binary mode. Standing on top of your working bench the clock will often force visitors to ask dumb questions, because only few people can read binary easily. Not everyone can be a real geek ;) To understand the code you can have a look at "More Pictures". Every LED-Column represents a digit of the current time - displaying it binary: The first LED stands for 1, the second for 4 and the top LED for 8. To get the digit you only have to add the glowing LED-values. (On the picture the time is 10:24:36) Additionally you can change to "real-binary-mode". In this mode the three lower rows represent seconds, minutes and hours. (On the picture the time in this mode is 5:11:34) The clock has a dimmer so LED-brightness can be adjusted. A manual in german, english, french and spanish is included. The poweradaptor has a UK plug, but an adaptor for EU-plug is included. Technical info: Dimensions: 8,9x8,9x5cm Power supply: By mains adaptor

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