Social Network Coffee Mug

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  • Social Network coffee mug saying 'I like Coffee'.
Kavni lonček socialno omrežje
  • Kavni lonček socialno omrežje
  • Kavni lonček socialno omrežje

We bet you don't know what the most important word is in the English language these days!

Can you guess…? No…?

Well, in our mobile-using, online savvy, social networking world, the most important word these days is… like! Don’t believe us? How many times a day do we all check into (and end up hanging around for ages on!) social networks, where we like stuff to show our approval of a picture, joke, status update, music video, review…? The subjects we like are almost endless!

Here's something else cool worth liking: The Social Network Coffee Mug!

You do like coffee, don't you? Alright then, 'thumbs up' for your favourite caffeinated hot drink :).

And why not let all your workmates know what you like (!) to drink best? In fact, you could form a group of coffee lovers and mutually post coffee invitations on your status updates. Invite whoever you like (!) – you're sure to find loads of workmates who would rather spend time hanging out supping coffee in the kitchen than working! That'd be nice, eh :)? This could be called 'social mateworking' (get it?!). You like?!

There are plenty of reasons to like the Social Network Coffee Mug, so in this case click on 'Add to Cart' if you like it!

Technical info:
  • Capacity: 300ml (8cm x 10cm)
  • care and maintenance: Not dishwasher safe and not suitable for microwave.
  • Material: ceramics